Peter Tosh – Legalize It feat Purple Ribbon All-Stars (Amerigo Gazaway Remix)

Politics is kinda slow over here in good ol’Germany. Several folks in highly ranked positions within the legislative and executive committees publicly spoke about the legalization of cannabis, but some politicians and lobbyists are somehow still blocking it to happen. I’m pretty sure, sooner or later it’s gonna happen and there are a lot of people who are really looking forward for that day to come!

YBN Cordae – RNP (feat. Anderson .Paak)[Prod. by J.Cole]

Yes, a collaboration between Anderson Paak, YBN Cordae and J.Cole. This tune is pure fire! Today on our local radio station egoFM presented within the show ‘Metropol’ by my brother from another mother Max and maybe tomorrow in your parents playlist!?

YBN Cordae on Soundcloud ::: Spotify /// Anderson Paak on Soundcloud ::: Spotify // J.Cole on Soundcloud ::: Spotify

Hippie Sabotage – Trust Nobody

Today i was thinking about artists that i haven’t checked for a while and stumbled upon Hippie Sabotage’s latest song. I have to admit that i’m pretty surprised what i’ve found. This song is neat and has it’s very own special vibe. Hope you dig it too!

Hippie Sabotage on Spotify ::: Soundcloud

Daphni – Sizzling

There is a little story to tell and this song is the perfect soundtrack to this situation. I was playing some music in a club last night and i’m still on my way to my new home in Tegernsee Bavaria. There was this super sweet girl sitting in my first train. She had long brown hair and a super sweet face. In my opinion, the most beautiful girl i have seen in a long time. We’ve had some eye contact here and there and shared some little smiles. When the train stopped in my old hometown Munich, i’ve asked her, if she’s interested in meeting me. She’s told me, it’s difficult because she already has two beautiful childs and a husband. I could see within her eyes that she was interested too but her current situation doesn’t allow her to meet me. Fair enough and i haven’t asked her for her number because i don’t want to get her in any trouble. Maybe we will see each other again in another life, but meanwhile i’m listening to Daphni‘s latest release “Sizzling”.