Green Day – Father of All… [New Album]

Nice, Green Day is back with a new album called ‘Father of All…’. I think, the last album i’ve listened to, was ‘Dookie’ and this dates back to around 1994. Still like what Green Day has to offer these days and those are my favorites so far. Make sure to listen to the entire album on Spotify, Soundcloud or Apple Music. Happy monday everyone!

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Conrad Clifton – Hi, Still Here [Instrumental]

‘Hi, Still Here’ is a nice instrumental track by Brooklyn based producer and label owner Conrad Clifton. When i’ve listened to this one for the first time, it instantly reminded me of J Dilla or Madlib. The entire thing ‘IS IT YOU: Beat Tape (Full Circle)’ will be available Feb. 28th. Pre-order now as digital download or even on cassette over here.

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Mark Ronson – Soul Blends [30min D’Angelo Snippet Mixtape] (2000)

I like this 20 year old snippet mix by Mark Ronson. Straight up D’Angelo classics for your tape deck…um…mp3 player. This is what Mark Ronson says about this mix:

20 years ago to anticipate the release of D’Angelo’s “Voodoo”, Dominic Treniere, D’s manager and label head, asked me to make a mixtape of snippets from the as yet unreleased album, mixed with some snippets of older material. i forgot about it for about 19 years, until my dear friend Clarence sent it to me last week. it’s live and sometimes sloppy as hell but thought i’d share it on the 20th anniversary of one of the greatest albums of all time.

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Sade – Smooth Operator (max9k edit)

Small little edit of Sade‘s “Smooth Operator” by Max9k. He sticks true to the original and doesn’t overload the whole thing. This one is a great warmup tool for all the club DJ’s out there. Grab your free download beneath the player.

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