Bluestaeb – Mind Feat. Noah Slee & MAÏA 

Are you ready to start your weekend with some smooth vibes?

Bluestaeb, Noah SleeMAÏA and Jonathan Aréna are making this possible with their latest & totally soulful single “Mind”. Taken from Bluestaeb‘s upcoming album “Everything Is Always a Process”, which is going to be released later this year via Jakarta Records.

Bluestaeb on Soundcloud ++ Spotify // Noah Slee on Soundcloud ++ Spotify

Nasaya – Orange (ft. cehryl)

Sounds like: Kaytranada ◎ Goldlink ◎ Shay Lia

The french producer NASAYA and the LA based singer/songwriter Cehryl have released their new single “Orange” lately and i think the artists description fits the songs mood perfectly:

“Orange” is a shimmery, electronic ode to embracing chaos. The idea was to make something danceable while keeping a dreamy atmosphere with airy, bright textures. The song describes the abandonment of fear at the door of chaos with an optimism and excitement that grows gradually throughout. The lyrics create a trance-like world that flashes with colours and psychedelic geometry.

Nasaya on Spotify ++ Soundcloud ++ Instagram / Cehryl on Soundcloud ++ Instagram

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