Enny – Peng Black Girls

Enny is a young and upcoming female emcee from South East London and has released her latest single called “Peng Black Girls”. We’ve stumbled upon Enny while watching “ARTE Tracks” and I really hope there is more like this to come in the near future as I truly like her style.

Enny on Spotify ::: Soundcloud ::: Apple Music

Ash Shakur – Anna’s Arcade

London UK based Emcee and Rapper Ash Shakur has released a new single called “Anna’s Arcade”. The song has a pretty nostalgic vibe thanks to some 8-bit samples within the boom bap beat which was produced by Masked Man. Makes me want to start my Playstation and observe new fascinating worlds.

Ash Shakur on Soundcloud ::: Spotify ::: Apple Music

JOGI – Made for the top

JOGI, a new Band based in Munich Germany and better known as Boshi San and Ekwal, with a new single called “Made for the top”. I am a long time fan of Boshi San and was really surprised, seeing new stuff from the rapper & singer/songwriter within my inbox. Keep them on your radar as there is much more to come within the next few years.

JOGI on Soundcloud ::: Spotify ::: Apple Music

Aaron Frazer – If I Got It (Your Love Brought It)

This is exactly the kind of soul music I like to listen to. Aaron Frazer has annouced his solo debut EP “Introducing…” and is going to be released on  the 8th of December. Happy weekend!

Aaron Frazer on Spotify ::: Soundcloud ::: Apple Music

Latest Instrumental Hip Hop and Beats

Those are the latest hip hop instrumentals I like and I hope you like them to.

Soulone Beats – Slow Morning

Sangjak – Work Tape

Mtbrd – Fanfare ft Flamingosis

Slug Father – How Ya Feel

Brooklyn New York based producer Slug Father with an uplifting and funky dance floor banger which is fully ready for your DJ crates. I’ve instantly loved “How Ya Feel” and hope you like it as much as I do. There is a good chance, that this song climbs up the online charts very quickly and I fully support this.

Slug Father on Spotify ::: Apple Music ::: Soundcloud

Tommy Newport – Warp Speed Suzie

This is the first time I’ve heard of Tommy Newport and his latest release “Warp Speed Suzie” is a pretty neat Indie Rock song. Somehow reminded me of the Arctic Monkeys or Electric Guest. 

Tommy Newport on Spotify ::: Apple Music ::: Soundcloud

4am Kru – London Girls

This one is truly an outstanding submission and I’m really happy, that they sent it over to me. 4am Kru is a newly formed Jungle band from London UK with that good old 90s Jungle/Drum & Bass vibe and ‘London Girls’ is my favorite song so far. I’m really looking forward for more releases to come and maybe, just maybe, to see them on a live performance or something equally in the near future.

4am Kru on Bandcamp ::: Soundcloud ::: Spotify